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Crypto Payments

Who accepts Ethereum (ETH) as payment?

You can feel like living in a digital age when you can pay for everything you need with the cryptocurrency you prefer. Around 10,4% of purchases from merchant orders at CoinGate are made with Ethereum, therefore we want to look through businesses that accept this currency and see what they have to offer. In a nutshell, this is the list [...]


XRP relisted on CoinGate: now available to be bought, paid with and accepted as a payment for non-US citizens

Blockchain payment processor company CoinGate is relisting XRP as a tradeable, payable and payment-acceptable asset for its non-US users. This decision was made after the recent progress happening in the lawsuit between SEC and Ripple Labs, favoring the latter. XRP was on the brink of its virtual end, after the SEC filed its lawsuit [...]

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