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CoinGate merchant directory is officially open!


You wanted it, so we made it – CoinGate merchant directory is now available for everyone to explore with nearly 100 shops on-board on day 1!

btc merchant directory

Visit the merchant directory now!

Keep in mind that it’s still in an early development stage, thus expect changes here and there along the way. At this moment, your feedback is most important as we plan to develop and add more features to it. 

Let us know on a Twitter post below what you think and what you feel is missing – your idea might shape the directory’s further development!

The idea to set up a place to showcase CoinGate’s crypto-friendly stores has been circling in our minds for quite a while. How couldn’t it? Twitter and Reddit users never let us forget how difficult it was to find these online stores.

Besides, our business clients would also hint that it would be nice to have a place where they could showcase their brands and, in general, establish a connection with their crypto-loving customers.

crypto directory page

Well, we’re happy to let you know that your voice has been heard. Our team has been working on a merchant directory in the background for quite some time, and now it’s ready for both merchants wanting to be listed there, and shoppers wanting to find them. 

What to expect from the CoinGate merchant directory?

In essence, CoinGate merchant directory is made to connect crypto-friendly online stores with crypto-loving shoppers with ease. 

But there’s way more to this merchant directory than meets the eye.

Once you enter the website, you can simply narrow down merchants by an industry that’s relevant to you. However! We’ve also implemented the Smart Search feature.

What is Smart Search?

Smart Search allows you to sort out relevant online stores by searching for a specific service or product.

For example, typing in “VPN”, “consumer goods”, “hotel” and similar entries, the search results should quickly match you with appropriate shops. 

search crypto btc

As long as merchants provide a list of keywords associated with their industry, service(s) or product(s), Smart Search will match them with shopper’s search inquiries. 

It means that the Smart Search will keep evolving and in time, it will be capable to narrow down stores more and more precisely by a wider variety of keywords.

CoinGate merchants can list as many keywords as they want on a business account dashboard (Account->Manage Business->Merchant Directory)

Optional rating system

One of the ways how CoinGate stores can establish a good first impression is by choosing to show the rating. Merchants can enable or disable the 5-star rating system on their account dashboard. 

coinagte merchant ratings

If enabled, shoppers will be able to rate their experience after the purchase is made, or use the rating as an indicator of service/product quality when visiting the directory. 

The overall rating will show next to a merchant’s profile at all times. For the vast majority of merchants, we recommend turning it on as higher ratings might pose additional benefits in the near future.

How to list a shop in a merchant directory?

Note that only those merchants that have a KYC-verified CoinGate business account can make use of merchant directory. That way, we can ensure shoppers that a particular business is trustworthy and legitimate.

For starters, head to your business account dashboard (Account->Manage Business->Merchant Directory), or click here

crypto directory account dashboard

From here on, it’s entirely up to you to decide how your profile will appear in the merchant directory:

You will be able to edit this information later at any time. For changes to take place, they will have to go through an approval process.

More news coming soon! 

We’ve launched a new website design, went live with a merchant directory, and now we’re getting ready for even more product updates, coming right at you in about a week.

Can you guess what it is?

If you don’t want to miss all the new things we’re going to introduce over upcoming weeks, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog down below!

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