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Chronoswiss launches crypto-design watches


We here at CoinGate believe that people who own cryptocurrencies ultimately should be able to purchase anything they wish to.

For this reason, we try to support our merchants that actively encourage wider adoption of cryptocurrencies as well as we can. Especially those who show the highest levels of enthusiasm for the blockchain technology.

Swiss watchmaker company Chronoswiss does exactly that. They were our loyal merchant for a long time now, and just recently they launched an exclusive series of watches dedicated in honor of leading cryptocurrencies of the industry.

About Chronoswiss Blockchain Series

crypto watches Chronoswiss

The Blockchain Series

Chronoswiss is well-established, a family-run brand of luxury mechanical watches that are aiming to the strictest Swiss Made quality standards. Their idea was to reinvent their most successful Flying Regulator Open Gear model and handcraft a new mechanical watch that would combine a traditional watchmaking expertise with a digital revolution of the monetary system. Thus, a project carried together with a blockchain solution company Tech Bureau Holdings started to manifest from an idea to fruition.

Chronoswiss designed five extravagant models of timepieces dedicated to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zaif, NEM, and COMSA with an intent to show support for the blockchain technology. The company is well-known for their unmistakable design features as well as an immense dedication to traditional Swiss ways of watchmaking. Though the Blockchain Series watches are distinct by ideas, they all share the same characteristics like an onion-style crown and other prominent attributes such as the semi-fluted bezel and the screw-in lugs.

Bitcoin watch Chronoswiss

Bitcoin – The currency

Each crypto-themed watch tells a unique story of modern-day innovations that promise to change the world for the better. With the rise of cryptocurrency, more people noticed the potential of different tokens that could start dominating the vast IT industry. Due to substantial hype that the blockchain technology radiates, the vortex of enthusiasm pulled many of those people in. Thus, Chronoswiss designed the watches exclusively for crypto enthusiasts and collectors to express their beliefs for innovative technological solutions. Each Blockchain Series watch is precisely handcrafted, therefore limited to only 101 pieces. They go as following:

Chronoswiss watches utilize the blockchain

This is not the only way Chronoswiss watches embrace the blockchain. The company goes a little bit further by securing their certificates in a digital form. The certification is a blockchain-based service provided by LuxTag, a platform dedicated to combating counterfeit goods and theft. They officially register the details such as watch serial number and warranty period on the NEM blockchain.  Hence, these watches are immortalized on an impenetrable ledger, and the proof of authenticity will never be lost.

Chronoswiss is also a long-term partner with CoinGate. It means that these watches are available for purchase using various cryptocurrencies that CoinGate supports. It includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, recently added ERC20 token Telcoin (TEL) and various other cryptocurrencies. If you are thinking about purchasing one of the crypto timepieces, we encourage you to visit Chronoswiss official online store.

Note that every watch has a limited number of 101 units only. If you really want to get one, do not miss your chance and hurry up!

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