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We’ve Launched Lightning Network Payments for 100+ Merchants


Our Lightning Network pilot launch is underway! Over 100 merchants are now accepting LN payments in our pilot phase. Check below for some websites where you can pay with Lightning!

Lightning Bitcoin Accepted Here

Just a week ago we published our first post on Lightning Network while we were still testing it on our demo shop (where you can still try testnet LN payments). Now, we couldn’t be more excited about bringing real LN payments to so many merchants at once!

Lightning Network technology is garnering a lot of attention in the crypto community as well as in the media. Several projects have recently been started to promote its adoption, and we are really pleased to be among the first ones to do so. Read the exclusive CoinDesk feature for more details!

We are very proud of the shops that signed up for our pilot run. This is some really exciting tech, and while most places online still do not embrace Bitcoin, these shops are going all the way!

Featured websites

MMOGA online games and virtual goods Lightning Network Bitcoin payments via CoinGate – buy game keys, cards, and virtual goods for online gaming

Thunderpick esports betting Lightning Network Bitcoin payments via CoinGate – esports betting

BitLaunch hosting services Lightning Network Bitcoin payments via CoinGate – cloud hosting from DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode (crypto-only)

Supynes festival tickets Lightning Network Bitcoin payments via CoinGate – electronic music festival in Lithuania (July 26-29)

Crypto-specific stores – media platform for Bitcoin, digital currencies and blockchain (German) – crypto merchandise – cloud mining contracts – physical price-ticker (pre-orders)

Servers, hosting, VPN, IPTV and other tech services – dedicated servers, VPS and Web hosting, domain names – IPTV solutions – software licenses for the web hosting industry – VPS, RDP, dedicated servers – RDP servers – VPS, VPN, dedicated servers, SSL certificates – VPS and dedicated servers – hosting, servers, domains, SSL – hosting & multi-hosting vouchers, other digital products – e-money exchange service

Misc goods & services – editing and publishing – embroidery patches and flags – organic foods – wooden Italian watches and other products – RuneScape-things – hummus restaurant (Oslo, Norway) – skiing and snowboarding rentals (Livigno, Italy) – local retail and web IT store (Croatia)

18+ sites – adult webcams – adult webcams



Pay with Lightning Network via CoinGate


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