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Buy Litecoin and Ethereum on CoinGate!


CoinGate users can now buy Litecoin and Ethereum. Login to your account to be among the first ones to do so!

Buy LTC and ETH on CoinGate

We are also pleased to announce that we will soon launch LTC and ETH as native currencies to our merchant payment gateway. 

Amid the tumbling cryptocurrency prices, we have witnessed a healthy spike in Altcoin payments through our partnership with ShapeShift, as we touched upon in our year 2017 review. Currently, around 10% of all Merchant orders we process are non-Bitcoin, with Litecoin and Ethereum far ahead of the rest.

We’ve been planning native integrations of the two since early 2017, and so the recent steady growth we observed in the demand for these currencies only confirmed that it is high time to take a step forward. And so, buying Litecoin and Ethereum is just the first step.

There is no doubt that Ethereum and Litecoin are among the most established and, even more importantly, used cryptocurrencies out there. Due to the confirmation speed and cost-efficiency of these blockchains, we believe it is a vital time for us to extend our offering to CoinGate merchants too. We are already under way with developments and will soon become a full-fledged payment processor for multiple cryptocurrencies!

How to buy Litecoin and Ethereum?

The process is not any different to buying Bitcoin. If you’re new to CoinGate, first, sign up and verify your account to trader level (verification takes up to 24 hours only), and add your payout address. Customers who are already using our services can access the feature directly from the user dashboard.

  1. Choose your Payment Method. To buy Ether and Litecoin you can currently use one of the following:buy litecoin and ethereum on coingate

2.1. If buying with SEPA bank transfer or MoneyPolo: Enter your desired purchase amount in Euros or chosen cryptocurrency. Click the Buy button and make the transfer.

Buy Litecoin with bank transfer

2.2. If buying with Mobile Credit: Select the coin you wish to buy, your country of residence out of the list, and your payout address. Proceed to purchase amount and payment.

3. Await your payout! We think we’re pretty quick: your coins will reach you within 24 hours of payment confirmation, though usually quicker.

We really hope you find the payment experience friendly and intuitive. In case you grow fond of CoinGate, we suggest you go ahead and create a referral link to invite your friends. In return, we offer a lifetime commission of up to 1% of their purchases!

What’s Next?

Offering the option for customers to buy Litecoin and Ethereum is our first move towards becoming a platform that will allow merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies. In the very near future, we are going to integrate Litecoin and Ether into our payment gateway for merchants. Looking further into 2018, we are optimistic about making it possible to buy, sell and accept dozens of other cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading. 

CoinGate team

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