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CoinGate Review by FinancesOnline – 2 Awards!

CoinGateCoinGate has reviewed CoinGate. We’re happy to share that our gateway received an award for Great User Experience! The second, Rising Star award, gives us another reason to celebrate our accomplishments this year.

CoinGate Review by FinancesOnlineFinancesOnline is a reputable source of reviews for financial business tools and payment software. The website is a great resource for those looking to compare various services, payment gateways and similar. FinancesOnline experts have evaluated the quality of CoinGate services and wrote up our whole package of perks in this extensive CoinGate review here.

CoinGate review in brief

In the review, it was accurately noted that our Bitcoin payment gateway is, in fact, a solution for merchants to accept 50+ other cryptocurrencies. The classics such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, and the newly emerging ones like Bancor and OmiseGo are among the coins we support.

Indeed, CoinGate is the only service to offer real-time conversion of altcoins to Fiat and process payouts directly via bank transfer. We believe this feature to be a key competitive advantage in the emerging market of cryptocurrencies.

Among other distinguishable features, FinancesOnline pointed out the intuitive design of our gateway; hence, the Great User Experience Award. This also includes the variety of solutions that we offer to our merchants: e-commerce plugins, API integration, and Point-of-Sale apps

CoinGate has been growing rapidly together with the booming Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. Recent industry developments motivate us to continue our work with a focus on making cryptocurrencies a common payment method globally. Recognizing us as one of the leaders in the crypto payments niche, FinancesOnline granted us the Rising Star Award. 

The CoinGate review by FinancesOnline is a source of motivation for all of team members. That said, we intend to maintain a progressive outlook and offer cutting-edge solutions to any forward-looking businesses. Reach out to us if you think you’re ready!

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