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CoinGate on Hard Forks: Bitcoin Gold and SegWit2x


Below is a brief statement on our position regarding upcoming Bitcoin Gold fork on October 25, and on SegWit2x fork in November. All updates regarding the forks will be added to this post.

Note: There are no planned service interruptions. No forks will be immediatelly supported.

Bitcoin Gold fork, October 25

We have decided not to interrupt our service or introduce additional confirmation requirements before the Bitcoin Gold fork on October 25.

Therefore, both before and after the fork we will accept Bitcoin transactions only. Incoming Bitcoin Gold transactions after the fork will not be refunded. Withdrawals will be paid out in Bitcoin only (EUR payouts will not be affected).

CoinGate might add support for Bitcoin Gold as an Altcoin at a later date.

SegWit2x, mid-November

SegWit2x might be a much more significant hard fork for the Bitcoin network, the impact of which is difficult to predict. We monitor the situation continuously, and cannot currently state with certainty whether, and how, we shall support the forked SegWit2x coin.

CoinGate has always supported the community viewpoint, for SegWit, UASF, and BIP148. We continue to maintain this position, and therefore we strongly support Bitcoin as it is, and the Bitcoin Core team. 

That being said, we will continue to monitor the situation. Our team will reach a definitive conclusion once we have assessed post-fork market conditions and the demand for SegWit2x-coin payments by our merchants.

We will keep all our users informed of any ongoing developments related to Bitcoin scaling by continuously updating this post.

The CoinGate Team

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