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You can now pay with Altcoins, not just Bitcoin!


CoinGate Altcoin payments via ShapeShiftLooked for more reasons to use CoinGate? Well, here you go: we have integrated with ShapeShift to enable your customers easy payments with 40 altcoins. It’s time for Altcoins! 

The altcoin market is growing rapidly, and we are aware that customers are looking for ways to spend them. Just in two months, the price of Ethereum has increased from $10 to a whopping $180, giving it a $17 billion market capitalization. Bitcoin’s little brother Litecoin, meanwhile, jumped to almost $30 per coin due to the recent implementation of SegWit. Moreover, Zcash has struck a deal with JPMorgan, doubling the price of the fully anonymous cryptocurrency. Other digital currencies are also booming: DigiByte, Siacoin, Bytecoin and Ripple, among others, have increased in value several-fold in a matter of weeks. To put it together, the Altcoin market capitalization has grown from $3 billion in March 2017, to just over $50 billion on May 24th, signifying an increase of over 1600% (!).

Do not think that we have stopped loving Bitcoin! We do. And we believe in its future potential with the implementation of SegWit, Lightning Networks and other scalability solutions.

But, to accommodate the continuously increasing demand as well as the significance of other digital currencies, we have integrated with ShapeShift, enabling users an easy way to spend their altcoins. As our client, you are not taking any additional risks or inconveniences: any altcoin payments will be converted into Bitcoin. Just reap the benefits – it’s as simple as that!

The feature is automatically integrated on all of our invoices, you do not need to activate it manually. We encourage you to inform your customers of the new option, and let there be more sales!

Have a go and see how it looks and works by clicking the button below:

Pay with Altcoins via CoinGate


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