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How to Install OpenCart Bitcoin Extension


Using CoinGate shopping cart plugins and extensions makes it really easy to setup Bitcoin payments in your online shop. This blog post covers OpenCart Bitcoin extension installation – step-by-step with screenshots, as we know you like it.

You are reading this, meaning you wish to use our OpenCart Bitcoin plugin. Great news! So where do you start?

First of all, sign up for an account on CoinGate. For production, use our main website: But before you go live, you may want to do some testing, to make sure everything works nicely. For this reason, we have a sandbox environment: – just remember to create an account here even if you have one on our main website.

The installation of our OpenCart Bitcoin extension is quite easy. In order to ensure that CoinGate Bitcoin gateway is working properly on your website, we will go over these four steps:

  1. Make sure OpenCart FTP settings are configured.
  2. Download and install the appropriate CoinGate Bitcoin module for OpenCart.
  3. Enable our extension in OpenCart settings.
  4. Setup API credentials for testing purposes or going live with Bitcoin payments.

For the testing mode to work, you must generate separate API credentials on, since API credentials generated on will not work in the sandbox environment.

Please note, this guide was created using OpenCart, but is also useful for installing older or upcoming versions, including OpenCart 3+.

1. Check that OpenCart FTP configuration is fine

To do this, open up the OpenCart FTP configuration in Admin panel. This is done from the menu bar on the left: click on System > Settings, then click Edit and go over to the FTP tab.

In the FTP tab, enter FTP Host, Port, Username, Password, Root directory (FTP Root), if the details are missing. Under Enable FTP, choose Yes. Do not forget to save your settings.

OpenCart Bitcoin extension installation
2. Download appropriate CoinGate extension for OpenCart

Download the appropriate CoinGate plugin for your OpenCart version either from the official OpenCart Marketplace, or from our GitHub Repository.

Please pay attention to which extension version you are downloading, since they are different for OpenCart 1.*, OpenCart 2.0-2.2, and OpenCart 2.3+ (and 3.0+).

3. Install the OpenCart Bitcoin extension for versions 2.0+

For OpenCart 1.* versions, continue reading on

Once you have downloaded our OpenCart Bitcoin plugin for versions 2.0-2.2 or 2.3+, go back to the Admin panel. Click on Extensions > Extension Installer. Click Upload, located and select you just downloaded, and click Continue.

After the process is complete, under the Progress bar you will see a message indicating that our Bitcoin extension has been successfully installed.

OpenCart Bitcoin gateway setup

4. Enable CoinGate payment extension in OpenCart settings

For OpenCart 2.0-2.2, in the Admin panel, go to Extensions > Payments, find Bitcoin via CoinGate and click Install.

For OpenCart 2.3 and newer (including OpenCart 3.0+), in the Admin panel, go to Extensions, select Payments from the dropdown list, find Bitcoin via CoinGate and click the green “+” sign to install.

You will then see a confirmation message, indicating that ‘you have successfully modified payments’.

Install OpenCart Bitcoin extension

5. Enter API credentials and configure your Receive Currency

If you have not yet created your API credentials (App ID, API Key, API Secret), then it is a good time to do this now in your CoinGate account dashboard (see top of page for instructions).

For OpenCart 2.0-2.2, in the Admin panel, go back to Extensions > Payments, find Bitcoin via CoinGate, but this time, click Edit. Enter your API credentials here. If you are using our sandbox environment for testing, turn on the Test mode. Remember to save your settings.

For OpenCart >= 2.3, in the Admin panel, go back to Extensions, select Payments from the dropdown list, find Bitcoin via CoinGate and click Edit. Enter your API credentials here. If you are using our sandbox environment for testing, turn on the Test mode. Remember to save your settings.

For all versions: set the Receive Currency parameter to the currency in which you wish to receive your payouts from CoinGate. Please note, if you set it to EUR or USD, you must pass Level 2 Merchant verification before you can receive payouts (by uploading your identification, business registration and address proof documents). If you set Receive currency to BTC (Bitcoin), then verification is not needed.

OpenCart Bitcoin plugin installation

Congratulations – you did it! Your OpenCart store now has Bitcoin as a payment option at checkout. See how it works and let us know at Whether you love or hate it – we want to hear it all!

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