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How to Install OpenCart from Scratch


Install OpenCart. A step-by-step guide.Although it may seem easy for some, installing a clean version of OpenCart properly is essential to prevent future issues with various plugins, including the CoinGate Bitcoin payment plugin.

Many of our clients sign up on CoinGate having just started their ventures into online shopping, without having deep knowledge of programming. Thus, we fully understand how the process of setting up your online store may be tricky and confusing. The vast share of customers who contact us regarding issues with our OpenCart plugin, turn out to have failed to install OpenCart properly in the first place. Similarly, in many cases, various issues arise from improper use of the cart system, rather than due to faults of our payment plugin.

Therefore, we are providing you with our “How to Install OpenCart from Scratch” guide, hoping to set you on the right track of using this wonderful shopping cart system.

After you have done this, please read the guide on installing our OpenCart Bitcoin extension for a flawless start with Bitcoin payments.

Install OpenCart step-by-step guide

Please note, this guide was created using OpenCart, but is also useful for installing older or upcoming versions.

1. Go to and download the newest OpenCart version.
2. Extract the downloaded file to a folder in your computer and navigate to the “upload” folder.

3. Create a folder named “opencart” in the home directory of your server, and upload the contents of the “upload” folder to the newly created “opencart” folder via FTP (you can use FileZilla –

4. Rename the following files:

5. Make these files and directories writable:

chmod 0755 system/storage/cache/
chmod 0755 system/storage/logs/   
chmod 0755 system/storage/download/   
chmod 0755 system/storage/upload/   
chmod 0755 system/storage/modification/   
chmod 0755 image/   
chmod 0755 image/cache/   
chmod 0755 image/catalog/   
chmod 0755 config.php   
chmod 0755 admin/config.php    

If 0755 does not work try 0777.

You can read a detailed explanation on how to do that using Filezilla here:

6. Create a MYSQL database on your server and name it “opencart”.

7. Visit the “opencart” directory via your web browser. The address should look like this:

8. Click “continue” in the next two windows (if you see any errors, correct them according to on-page instructions).

9. Fill in your database details and your preferred admin credentials, then click “continue”.

10. Delete the “install” directory from your “opencart” directory on your server.

Congratulations, you are done! As you can see, it is not that complicated to install OpenCart, but it is very important to do it properly at the very beginning. We hope you enjoyed our guide, and feel free to continue reading our guide on installing our OpenCart Bitcoin extension.