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USB Killer – 10% Cheaper with Bitcoin!

usb killer

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It’s been just a few months since we started processing Bitcoin payments for USB Kill – the maker of the renowned USB Killer 2.0. Honestly, we couldn‘t be happier about our partnership.

It really pleases us that USB Kill chose us, rather than any other company, to enable the Bitcoin community to purchase this device. USB Killer 2.0 is, without doubt, the coolest gadget that we sell through our payment gateway.

Recently, the company introduced an updated version of their product – the USB Killer 2.0. In addition, they added another gadget to their offering, called Tester Shield. Essentially, the latter protects the host device from the deathly power of the USB Killer.

We really liked the idea behind the products of USB Kill, and believed the Bitcoin community to be exactly the kind of tech guys who would love this kind of stuff! Thus, we reached out to the company and offered to promote their gadgets and our partnership.

We were not expecting it, but the team at USB Kill loved our idea! In turn, they offered a permanent 10% discount on their devices for customers paying with Bitcoin! To claim the offer, use discount code COINGATEVIP at checkout.

usb killer

What is the USB Killer, you might ask.

Essentially, it is a USB dongle, which tests USB ports against power surge attacks. Simply put, if a device’s USB port is not protected against power surges, USB Killer will damage the device to an extent it will no longer turn on. USB Kill points out an extremely important issue in security of every device that has a public access port. If a USB dongle can literally ‘kill’ 95% of machines at the moment of plugging it in (the company claims this to be true from their experience), then manufacturers certainly need to address this and do it quickly.

Nonetheless, there is certainly a ‘fun’ element associated with the USB Killer. Do you have a friend who keeps all of his old PCs lying around in the garage? Then give him the USB Killer 2.0 for Christmas and have a fun party of last goodbyes…

To sum up, we recommend seeing the USB Killer 2.0 in action to see its devastating potential.